The SOLSEC2000 process eliminates humidity, which permitted moistures to develop, with salts and minerals. This electric process is called Electro-Osmotic Pulse (EOP).

How the system works :

By a phenomenon of electro-osmosis:

The wet concrete is mainly constituted of molecules of calcium (some salt). The salt with the water is a very conductive element which the SOLSEC2000 process repels towards the ground. When the SOLSEC2000 process is applied to a structure of wet concrete, it forces the cations to change direction. Instead of rising in the wall, the cations go to the ground, under the foundations.

Because the concrete is porous membrane, the water by effect of osmosis is attracted by the cations of calcium, creating an osmotic pressure. The result is that the relative humidity inside the wall decreases while the relative humidity increases by going towards underground. Thus the humidity concerning the inside of the residence after a few days of installation of SOLSEC2000 will be for an acceptable value not allowing anymore molds to develop.

As a result, when the protection by the process SOLSEC2000 is installed for some time, the humidity under the floor and outside approach 100 % of relative humidity and the internal walls come down lower than 45 % of relative humidity.

When there is a lot of humidity with salts and minerals in the concrete, the process works more and the reaction is more quickly made. When there is less humidity, the consummate electricity decreases until stop completely. As long as there is an electric field of present, the water can penetrate into the membrane by osmosis. The process fills the small cracks in the concrete on the way back of salts and minerals.

Corrective and preventive

Problems of smells, humidity, of C.O.V ., and any problem connected to the presence of humidity as the molds.

The whole building or a part of the building complement in a set of corrective or preventive actions. Follow-ups and alerts of the variations of humidity

How it works

The SOLSEC2000 Process is an effective solution to check the humidity and prevent it from returning.

The solution to molds

How to treat one area affected by humidity? Excessive humidty is the cause of the development of molds. Molds produce bacteria which have a fatal effect on the health. The SOLSEC2000 process eliminates the excessive humidity in the structures, thanks to an electric process called electro active osmosis In a wall:

The wet concrete is mainly established by molecules of calcium . The salt with the water is a very conductive element which the SOLSEC2000 process pushes away towards the ground. When the electricity is applied to a structure of wet concrete, it obliges the cations to move in the direction of the cathode placed in the ground, under the foundations. The cations transport a lot of water with them. By applying the SOLSEC2000 process the excessive humidity of walls and floors goes towards him under ground.

Under ground, forms by a telluric effect of the earth an electrification of particles contained in the water. These particles bear the generic name of ions. These ions divide into two groups the cations, the positive particles of polarity and the negative anions of polarity. Anions stays under the ground, being attracted by the natural polarity of the ground. The cations try to rise above the ground by means of the material(equipment) porous as concreate. The cations are formed by salts and by minerals. When the humidity that contains the cations evaporate on the surface of the cement, they leave by drying white tracks, they are tracks of salts. Salts and minerals are convenient to the development of molds. The process SOLSEC2000 inverts the polarity of the wall obliging the cations with the particles that they transported to return under the ground.

The SOLSEC2000 process inverts the polarity returns the cations with the humidity and with the salts and the minerals which it contains under the ground. After a few days of istallation of the SOLSEC2000, process we realize that the relative humidity which could reach 90 % decreases to stabilize towards the 40 %. Already a clear improvement for people who live inside.

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