Comparison of devices to remove humidity

1 Besides removing the excessive humidity in the ambient air, it removes the humidity in the structure. Remove the relative humidity in the ambient air only.
2 If we stop the process, once the inside of the structure dried up, it is necessary to wait for a long time for the return of the humidity If we stop (arrest) the functioning of the device, the humidity returns immediately.
3 Consume less than a watt / hour. Consume 1000 watts / hour.
4 Purchase price without installation is equal. Purchase price is equal for a model of 1000 W/H.
5 Isolate the structure by removing the humidity which it contains. The structure is wetter in use than if we do not use it.
6 The inhaled air is healthier when it is used. The unhealthy quantity of air inhaled is bigger when he is in office.
7 The device makes no noise. The device is noisy.
8 The device is not cumbersome The device takes of space.
9 Ask to be installed No installation
10 Ask for no maintenance. Ask for maintenance.
11 Has no mobile equipment. Compressor and ventilator are mobile equipments which wear out.
12 Ask to be only verified for humidity results. Ask to be every day verified and empty the accumulation of water.

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