What is humidity?

Humidity can be relative or absolved ...

In other words, the relative humidity is a measure of the quantity of steam that the air contains by comparison with the quantity that he can contain in a given temperature. This value is expressed in percentage according to a temperature. For example, of the air having one the relative humidity of 50 %, contains half of the quantity of steam which he could contain.

The absolute humidity is the precise quantity of the weight of the steam contained in the air. This value is expressed in grams of steam per kilogram by dry air. It is necessary to understand(include) that the humidity is essential, because it is one of numerous components of the air which we inhale, but can affect our quality of air and our health according to her quantity and to her present percentage in the air.

On the other hand, there should be too much condensation / humidity inside a building, because in time, the humidity eventually damages building materials and covers of finish, the heat insulation, the wooden structural components and the paint.The deterioration of the latter can in his turn, to cause the appearance of mold which could be harmful for the health of the occupants.

Health Canada recommends to maintain a rate of relative humidity between 30 % and 55 % inside a building, and it during all year. According to a survey(investigation) of Health and Social Well-being Canada, approximately 38 % of houses in Canada feel(experience) problems of humidity and/or mold.

The internal causes of humidity :

  • The normal breath of the occupants;
  • The normal habits of lives of the occupants;
  • The lack of ventilation inside;
  • The bad waterproofness of the envelope … flights of air;
  • The opening of windows during a hot and wet day;
  • A portable or central humidifier;
  • The drying of firewood inside;
  • The drying of new materials;
  • Aquariums and internal swimming pools;
  • The plants of inside;
  • The drying of new materials;

To Work of a basement not ended in hard-packed surface without adorns vapor and without layer of sand.

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