The phenomenon of electro-osmosis

Introduction :

The existence of the situations of "osmotic" type is known of our ancestors for more than a century. People report to notice the presence of a passive system of electro-osmosis, placed in various public and private buildings from the end of the 18th century and in the 19th.

This device consisted of a steel bar encircling all of the periphery of the walls of the building incriminated and connected to the earth by a metallic picket.

Some of these devices are still active today. The fact and all the more surprising as at the time electricity was another totally unknown thing!

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The solutions NOT to be set up in the p resence of the osmotic phenomenon

Solutions NOT to be implemented

We saw that given the specific character of the phenomenon of upwelling, numerous solutions are to be banned since they cannot have real effect of inversion of the direction of migration of the humidity.

In any case, the following fixes are not the answer to the problem and can sometimes aggravate it.

Among these :

  • The chemical barriers by INJECTION
  • The mechanical barriers,, which are never completely damp-proofing
  • The Products anti-saltpetre, in the high cost and ineffective
  • The systems of MVI (Mechanical Ventilation by Insufflation), effective in case of condensation
  • The drainages foot of wall, which bring some more of water

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